Andhra Pradesh
Special Police


Andhra Pradesh Special Police (APSP) - History

Andhra Pradesh Special Police is the oldest special police force of the state that has been operational since1947. Initially, two armed police battalions were raised in the composite state of Madras at Bellary and Tadepalligudem in West Godavari districts in the year 1947. Later in the year 1950, the Government of Hyderabad state raised another Battalion at Ibrahimbagh in the state army lines which was named Hyderabad State Reserve Police (HSRP). When Andhra Pradesh state was formed, the Government changed the name of HSRP as 1st Bn. APSP vide G.O.Ms.No.1818, Home (Police. B) Department. The same has come into existence with effect from 01.12.1957 and started functioning from DGP Complex situated at Lakadikapol, Hyderabad under the supervision of the Director General and Inspector General of Police. After construction of Shourya Bhavanam exclusively at Jublee Hills, Road No.12, the APSP Head Office was shifted there. Later, after bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh state, APSP Head Office was again shifted to the premises of 6th Bn APSP. Mangalgiri, Guntur district on June, 2017 and since then, it is functioning from there. '8' APSP Bns are presently funcutioning in the state of Andhra Pradesh after bifurcation.


The Andhra Pradesh Special Police is a quasi–military force within the frame work of the AP Police. Its main role is to assist the local police in maintaining Law and Order.  

It may be used to prevent organized crimes, to curb the activities of subversive elements, or as a deterrent against possible outbreak of mob fury or fanaticism. It may also be assigned any other duties by the state government such as guarding of vulnerable points, anti-smuggling duties and rescue and relief during serious natural calamities. It may also be called upon to maintain law and order within the country in close Co-operation with the other state police wings or the Armed Forces. In the discharge of the above said duties, companies or platoons of APSP may be deployed by the Director General of Police in any part of the State. While on such duties, these will be at the disposal and the operational control of the Superintendent of Police of the district concerned, but their administration and discipline and the actual tactical handling of the men will continue to be under APSP officers.
Organization of the Force:
The Addl DGP/IGP APSP is the head of the Armed Police in the state. DIGs of APSP Bns assist him in performing his duties. His role is to supreme the functioning of all APSP Bns. in the state he has to establish and maintain efficiency and discipline,ensure uniformity of procedure and practice and secure co-operation among the commandants of several Bns. as well as harmonious working. He should pay particular attention to the training and discipline in the Bns, so that as high standard of efficiency as possible is reached and maintained. It shall also be his duty to instruct the officers under him with regard to man-management and properties in their official and non-official dealings and conduct. He shall ensure that the DIGPs under him inspect all the units under them at least once a year.
The APSP Battalions are grouped into two Ranges, each Range being under the charge of a Deputy Inspector General of Police, APSP Battalions. The Deputy Inspector General of Police assists ADGP/IGP of APSP Battalions in running the administration. He exercises administrative control over the Battalions under the general supervision and control of the Director General of Police, who is the head of the Police department. For operational duties, the Battalions are under the direct control of the Director General of Police.
Commandant of APSP Battalion
Each Battalion will be under the Command of an officer who will be of the rank of Supdt. of Police and he is designated as Commandant.